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Our Tea Story

When Adrenaline rushes through the body in young age, we ought to do something different in life, something that could make a change in society. While I was seeking, what I wanted to do? I observed, how people become friends over a cup of tea? How a group of friends travels miles to have tea from a particular shop? Over a tea, how big plans are carved for the future between friends for their new start-up? Even how a cup of tea resolves fights between husband and wife? I was fascinated by all of it.

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So I felt, tea isn’t just another mere drink but nectar to human emotions. It was doing something to the human mind, I was not aware of. With that adrenaline rush, at the age of 21, I didn’t want to just live and get somewhere lost in society without creating something significant. I was sure, fancy lifestyle or high salary job won’t give me satisfaction but remaining connected to people would. I have always loved meeting new people, making new relationships and making them happy and eventually it made me happy as well.

This nectar which I discovered in the form of tea, I decided to serve it to as many people as possible. I realized that was my calling. I wanted to give that feeling, that experiential taste to everyone nearby to them, where people don’t have to travel miles. I don’t want to just sell tea but bind people over a cup of tea, give them a taste of bliss while every sip they had.

So my quest started, I roamed in different cities, walked through hundreds of streets like a bohemian, tasting thousands cup of tea to find the best one. This journey gave me a lifetime of experience and I met beautiful people from cities and villages along the way. Out of all these oceans full of experience’s, I came up with something exclusive and divine- and the rest is history or I will say it will become part of history which you experience in Amrut tea shops.

The Birth of Amrut


People who achieve great heights in life not only inspire others but common people can as well. I was inspired by such a common man while traveling through streets of Ratnagiri, a district place in Maharashtra. Crowd around him had a beautiful smile, and every sip of tea would take them to ecstasy. As I observed man who was behind these smiles, I noticed, he was mixing tea ingredients in two brass vessels like a bartender and then he made it with such a devotion and then served. As I had my first sip, the first word came to my mind "Amrut"- Nectar, and indeed as if this was a nectar served to humans emotions making them blissful.

His name was Krishna-Kaka and like Lord Krishna touched the heart of every Gopi around him, Krishna Kaka would too, with his sweet talks, delicious tea and divine aura. His tea was just like flute of Lord Krishna which enticed everyone. I made him my Guru, I learned from him the art of making tea. He would say, it's not only about making tea but serving it with gratitude as well.

He played definitive role in my life and making me today what I am. As a Guru dakshina, I wanted to make Krishna Kaka's tea immortal so I selected his looks and name for mascot of Amrut Tea and this is what you see on our publicity material- Krishna Kaka pouring tea in the serving cup with his charming smile.

I wish to keep his legacy alive and lot of people have helped me in doing so, I thank all of them. I am eternally indebted to Krishna Kaka for his teachings. I and Krishna Kaka welcome you all to taste this Amrut.! Thanks

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